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About Dr. Anjali Agarwal
I Joshua, a foreign national with highly educated and medical background, Dr Anjali is hands-down one of the BEST Physiotherapist i have seen in my 30 years of life! Her demeanor and listening manner is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible, and personal. I consulted her due to my lumbar l3 l4 slipped disc issue causing back pain and i was advised for an immediate surgery in the previous hospital i visited but i took a step back and wanted to do more consultation. I came about Dr Anjali Agarwal and i was assured no immediate or probably later surgery is not needed, all i need is to work on the muscles to heal the pain and slipped disc may push back in as time goes on. She referred me to a spine surgeon in a reputable hospital in Hyderabad for a second opinion which said the same thing. Dr Anjali Agarwal made me feel comfortable and relaxed and asked me questions about my recreational life (which no doctor has ever done before!). we also discussed Healthy spices to relax the muscles to eradicate the pains and some life phase events and she made recommendations as to what i need. I find that doctors usually are distracted or rushed when visiting their patients, but not with Dr. Anjali Agarwal. I had the sense that this doctor REALLY cared about my whole being and not just the fact that i needed a physical exam and some other work done. Additionally i could tell that Dr. Anjali Agarwal has a well-rounded medical background and approaches her care with a western and Southern perspective, not the typical medical “fix it and get rid of it” approach. It is for this reason plus i am 90% free from the pain which is far better than before because it is a continuous process and the fact that her receptionist was very friendly and welcoming, that i give her 5 stars! I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone that values their health and wants a doctor (Physiotherapist) that’s holistic, empowering, and a true team player! Less

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