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At Ambicare, 'Patients Come First'. Ambicare Group is founded in 2010 by US returned doctors after working there for over 13 years. Their main objective is to provide medical services as per American standards and protocols.

And Ambicare Clinics backed by a team of expert doctors in various disciplines and state-of-the-art diagnostic facility happen to be your perfect neighbourhood family healthcare consultant. Also, with highest level of commitment to patient care you can be rest assured that your health and well-being is always in safe hands.

Ambicare is know for quality time the doctors' spend with their patients. We specialize in treating patients with thyroid disorders, diabetes, metabolic issues, hyper-tension, cardiac and general illness.


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What our patients are saying

  • Murali on 10th Dec, 2015

    Excellent service from the staff. We met Dr. Neelima and she was very prompt, takes time to listen to patients and spends real good amount of time with patients to understand the problem. She explains with great clarity and overall very much satisfied.
  • Hyderabad

    Kalpana 9th Dec, 2015

    This clinic is very useful for us. My 2 kids also have come to this clinic. Here everyone are so helpful and responsible. Thanks to AMBICARE.
  • Hidayath Hussain 9th Dec, 2015

    Thank you Dr.Neelima Reddy for a very good service.
  • Shahnaz abdelhamed

    Doctor Neelima is excellent ,we are very satisfied with her procedures and results after spending a lot of time with others in the past, so we highly recommend doctor Neelima to solve your health issues.
  • Swagata

    Dr Neelima Reddy is very thorough in her diagnosis. She listens to every bit of problems you are facing and has always got a smile on her face.She does proper diagnosis to all ailments.Really happy the way she helped me get out of severe health issues.
  • Arpita Roy

    I take my my mom to Dr. Neelima for regular check ups and always we both go out from the clinic with a sense of relief . Thanks to Dr. Neelima :-)
  • Vijayalakshmi DP

    It's good......Dr. Neelima has given enough confidence to just be my normal and healthy self after thorough investigation.....hope she instills happiness with regular talk with her ...she is always there for the patients, even on phone whenever required......which is really good and great of Dr. Neelima Garu.........Thanks for spreading cheers n happiness.......hope as a patient, I need not visit your clinic frequently but meet you in general for
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  • Soujanya

    She was friendly and she listen my words with Patience. She is good doctor and her treatment is nice it reduced my Back pain with in short period
  • Suhani

    I was suffering from acute lower back pain and got the reference of Dr. Agarwal via the mobile app practo and based on the high reviews and appreciations decided to take a session. She is a thorough professional and expert at her work. Just in couple of sessions, I felt much better and almost pain was gone.I would highly recommend her to those who are facing physio related problems
  • About Dr. Anjali Agarwal


    Dr. Anjali has a total different approach of treating her patients...comparing to the first day of pain i am very much recovered now, she uses her elbow and relaxes the nerves , shez so patience. I highly recommend her for people who are looking for the best treatment. Even my brother is suffering from back ache, he will be treated soon
  • About Dr. Anjali Agarwal

    Ayoola Joshu0061

    I Joshua, a foreign national with highly educated and medical background, Dr Anjali is hands-down one of the BEST Physiotherapist i have seen in my 30 years of life! Her demeanor and listening manner is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible, and personal. I consulted her due to my lumbar l3 l4 slipped disc issue causing back pain and i was advised for an immediate surgery in the previous hospital i visited but i took a step back and wante
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  • About Dr. Anjali Agarwal

    Souvik Chakraborty

    My wife was suffering from lower back pain and we consulted Dr. Anjali for that. After a week long session with Dr. Anjali, she is feeling much better now. Dr. Anjali is very friendly and a good listener. She makes the patient feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her for anyone facing similar health problems.
  • About Dr. Praveen Kumar Raju


    The moment when I enter into the room the dr talked with me in a very friendly manner and asked about my problem. I explained my problem he identified the reason for that and provided the respective prescription. After 1 day I came to much difference. It was a nice prescription. Thank you so much for that.
  • About Dr. Praveen Kumar Raju


    Very good experience. Doctor was very patient in listening and was quick to provide his expert recommendation
  • About Dr. Paritosh Anand

    Vardhini Samudrala

    At last I found best doctor for my kid. Doctor explains every small thing in detail.
  • About Dr. Paritosh Anand

    Yamini Madireddy

    The doc was very friendly n was patiently listening 2 all the points. ...... and I liked his way of treatment.
  • About Dr. Sampurna Ghosh


    The doctor listened to the problem clearly and did appropriate diagnosis and made me understand the exact issue. Thanks for that
  • About Dr. Sampurna Ghosh


    Good ENT doctor ,she has probed well and went in debt about the problem never she was in hurry everything was accurate Thank you doctor
  • About Dr. V. Sasanka

    Veerendra Kumar

    Its good experience with Doctor, he explained more detail about the problem which I have. prescribed treatment been effective was much effective and so happy on that.
  • About Dr. Sita Lakshmi

    Lakshmi P

    Treatment started on time, and very good was taken to perform the procedure with due care, giving minimal discomfort to the patient. It was overall a good experience
  • About Dr. Sita Lakshmi

    Nivedita Rajashekaran

    She was very patient in listening to my problems and helped me in the treatment. She explained well about the medicines and treatments that she gave. Happy with the visit
  • Dr. Anjali Agarwal

    Mr.Ram Mohan

    I am getting treatment for tennis elbow in Ambicare by Dr. Anjali Agarwal. Very good treatment and good knowledge, very much helpful in guiding us. The pain was horrible when I was here but now its 50% reduced within 3 days of treatment.
  • Dr. Anjali Agarwal.

    Eeshita : 23rd Jul, 2015

    I have come to visit physiotherapist here and the consultation and treatment was very good. Dr. Agarwal is very good.
  • Ravikumar Jogu : 18th Jul, 2015

    Dr.Praveen kumar

    Good at treating the patient Dr.Praveen kumar dermatologist
  • Dr.Neelima Reddy

    Dr.ravinder Goud : 17th Jul, 2015

    Excellent service by the staff and Dr.Neelima Reddy is providing 100% satisfaction to the patients. I am coming regularly from 2011 till date and we are in safe hands of Dr. Neelima Reddy madam.
  • Dr.Neelima Reddy/Dr.Anjali Agarwal

    Ruchi Garg: 17th Jul, 2015

    Really happy with the services of Dr. Neelima Reddy. She is a wonderful and a very patient doctor. Gives sufficient time to each patient and tries to understand the problem that the patient is going through. I am also taking physiotherapy from Dr.Anjali and I can feel a great relief in my shoulder pain.
  • Dr.Neelima Reddy

    Alokparna Sengupta : 16th Jul, 2015

    Easy to get appointment, fairly quick meeting with doctor and helpful staff. Dr Neelima Reddy is very good and takes time out to ask every possible question. Highly recommended.
  • Dr.Neelima Reddy

    Arunlekha Sengupta 7th Jul, 2015

    Very efficient and clean and the staff seems quite competent. The waiting time is not endless but still there despite appointments. Doctor Neelima is brilliant.
  • Dr.Neelima Reddy

    Sumit, 13th Jun, 2015

    Very good services Dr Neelima is very friendly and help me to recover very quickly.
  • Dr.Neelima Reddy

    Jayanthi,13th Jun, 2015

    Dr Neelima Reddy is excellent in diagnosing. But the only negative point is the wait time.